Over three action-packed days, you will embark on an unforgettable science experience, learning and working with astronomers and space scientists on challenge-based problems.

Delve into the captivating realm of space law, gravity, satellites, rovers, and beyond as you engage in hands-on activities and immersive workshops. Through dynamic group collaboration, you will tackle current and future space challenges and unleash your creativity to pitch innovative ideas for the future of space use.

You will also explore the universe with Swinburne’s 3D astro tour and get up close to the two supercomputers that call Swinburne home. But the excitement doesn't end there!

Every participant will have the unique opportunity to work directly with real samples sent to and returned from the International Space Station by Swinburne.

What past participants are saying

“The ability to learn, then bounce ideas and share with mentors was incredible.”

“This has opened my eyes to the various different courses that I didn’t know existed.”

* Funded places: A limited number of funded places are available for students who would not be able to attend without financial support. To apply, please complete the confidential application form:


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