Breaking ocean waves, waterfalls, fish tanks, and pharmaceuticals and minerals reactors have one thing in common: bubbles. The sounds produced by bubbles contain data about their size and number which can provide a wealth of information, from ocean carbon dioxide absorption to industrial process monitoring. Through an Australian Research Council project, Swinburne Mechanical Engineer, Professor Richard Manasseh, and his team of Fluid-dynamics researchers are working to discover the critical link between bubble sounds and sizes.

In work supported by the Australia Council for the Arts/Creative Australia and Creative Victoria's Creator’s Fund, composer, sound artist, musician, and Swinburne Visiting Fellow, Ms Elissa Goodrich, is crafting a musical interpretation of this bubble acoustics research. Together with her ensemble, she will perform her work-in-progress composition aimed at enabling the audience to engage with the science.

Refreshments and networking will follow the performance at 7.30pm. 


Professor Richard Manasseh

Richard, a mechanical engineer at Swinburne specializing in fluid dynamics, is internationally recognised for his work on bubble acoustics. His research spans data extraction from ocean wave sounds for climate change studies, ocean wave-power machines, underwater sound control for defence, and medical applications like ultrasound diagnostics. Notably, he authored "Fluid Waves" and ranks in the top 2% of mechanical-engineering acoustics researchers worldwide.

Ms Elissa Goodrich

Elissa, a renowned composer, sound artist, and percussionist, showcases her works in festivals worldwide. Collaborating extensively with visual artists, theatre directors and writers, jazz and contemporary classical musicians, she intertwines her music with dramatic narratives. Since 2015, she has ventured into climate science and new music intersections. Notable achievements include sound art commissions and Green Room Awards. She's an artist-member of UNESCO’s Ocean Decade Network.


Gideon Brazil - Woodwinds (Bass Clarinet, Saxophones, Flute)
Elliott Folvig – Electric Guitar
Miranda Hill – Double Bass
Elissa Goodrich – Vibraphone/compositions
Michael Carmody - Video Artist
Filippo Nelli - Science Footage

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