A National Science Week event.

Melbourne-based STEM professionals are invited to a Town Hall-style meeting with Dr Monique Ryan, the Federal Member for Kooyong. This is a fantastic opportunity for people working in STEM to discuss matters of science and policy with a current policy-maker.

Moderated by Dr. Ben McAllister, a Swinburne Research Fellow, the aim of the meeting is to generate connections and increased information exchange between people working in STEM and policy.

We are seeking agenda item suggestions
If there is a matter you would like to discuss, please forward it to Ben (bmcallister@swin.edu.au) and, if possible, we will add it to the agenda to be circulated closer to the event, along with the final details.

This event is part of the National Quantum and Dark Matter Road Trip, a collaboration of scientists and science communicators organizing STEM engagement events Australia-wide during National Science Week.

Supported by the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Engineered Quantum Systems, and the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Dark Matter Particle Physics.

Event contact

Dr Ben McAllister

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