About our event

Join us in a two-day masterclass led by Distinguished Professor Richard Osborne – the globally recognised founder of health literacy development and the Optimising Health Literacy and Access (Ophelia) process.

This masterclass is for managers, executives, health professionals, health planners, policy makers, researchers and those active in health promotion and community services.

Participants will learn to:

  • describe social determinants of health (including health literacy) as influencers of health equity
  • explain how health literacy development creates enabling environments to lead to improved health access and equity
  • use tools and processes to identify diverse health literacy strengths and challenges
  • apply the Ophelia process to design, implement and evaluate actions and interventions to promote effectiveness, uptake and sustainability
  • design participatory and strengths-based approaches for health literacy development in organisations and communities in different contexts
  • integrate health literacy responsiveness into organisations to support community health literacy development
  • appraise international health literacy policy and practice

Morning and afternoon tea will be provided.

Download masterclass brochure [PDF 331KB]

About our speaker

Distinguished Professor Richard Osborne has practical experience in a wide range of health sectors including community, hospital and health policy settings. He is an advisor to the World Health Organization and has delivered health literacy capacity building in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

Professor Osborne led the development of new ways to measure health literacy and the development and implementation of health literacy interventions. This includes the widely applied Optimising Health Literacy and Access (Ophelia) process to strengthen health systems through co-design.

He developed the Health Literacy Questionnaire (HLQ) and eHealth Literacy Questionnaire (eHLQ) which are used in more than 800 studies in over 60 countries, including in the ABS Australian National Health Survey. He is also a dynamic and engaging workshop leader with practical experience from 20 years of research.

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