Forum i4.0 is the leading online roundtable linking researchers, entrepreneurs and product makers working at the forefront of digital innovation and consumer engagement. Hosted by Swinburne University, with speakers from Australia’s most progressive research institutes and the backing of the Innovative Manufacturing CRC, this monthly event brings together boundary-pushing innovators who want to help today’s product makers stay ahead of the evolving technologies that are changing modern business models and consumer expectations.

Our national 25th forum opens 2022 to continue to explore the latest breakthroughs in digital convergence and Industry 4.0 methodologies with leading researchers, thinkers and technologists from University of South Australia, Curtin University WA, Queensland University of Technology, the University of Technology Sydney and Swinburne University of Technology. Researchers, innovators and technologically-focused businesses are invited to attend the hour-long forum – and to participate in the 30-minute ‘Collaborate’ session that follows immediately afterwards.

The vision of Forum i4.0 is to inform, inspire and innovate and we aim to promote collaboration, publications and industry contribution.

Why attend?

  • Hear the country’s leading digital researchers on ground-breaking technologies they’re working on
  • Keep up to date with the ever-changing technologies affecting all areas of research and business
  • Expand your research networks beyond the walls of your institution or your business
  • Meet potential collaboration partners in manufacturing, marketing and consumer engagement
  • Connect with other researchers, inventors and digital pioneers working in your field
  • Discover potential government and business support for your research or commercial plans

What is Forum i4.0?

Eight fast-paced five-minute presentations on the latest research and breakthrough developments in Industry 4.0 and digital transformation – specifically related to the design, creation, production, distribution and sale of products, and the digital engagement of customers in their consumption and/or reuse. Forum i4.0 is followed by our provocative ‘Collaborate’ session, at which participants have a chance to ask curly questions, share ideas, and connect with researchers working in similar fields.

Who will be there?

To date, near 200 academics, researchers and product developers from Australia’s leading universities and research institutes have contributed to Forum i4.0. Speakers are scheduled from eight topic areas: eco-systems and social innovation, marketing, design, engineering, advanced manufacturing, distribution and smart cities, data science, and health technology.


Introduction: David Paynter
Opening: Simon Dawson IMCRC

1 – Guest Speaker – Digital Platforms
Fiona Turner
CEO & Co-Founder,
Bitwise Agronomy

2 – UniSA - Digital Eco-Systems
A/Prof Allan O’Connor
Centre for Enterprise Dynamics in Global Economies (C-EDGE)
University of South Australia

3 – Curtin Uni – Organizational Psychology
Prof Mark Griffin
Future of Work
Curtin University

4 - QUT - School of Design 
Prof Greg Hearn
School of Design
Queensland University of Technology

5 – Swinburne – Industry 4.0 Test Lab 
A/Prof Prem Jayaraman
Director, Factory of the Future
Swinburne University of Technology 

6 - UTS - Advanced Manufacturing 
Prof Jochen Deuse 
Centre for Advanced Manufacturing
School of Mechanical & Mechatronic Engineering
University of Technology Sydney

7 - Smart Cities Research Institute 
Smart Cities Research Institute
Swinburne University of Technology

8 – Iverson Health Innovation Research Institute 
Prof Gavin Lambert
Director, Iverson Health Innovation Research Institute
Swinburne University of Technology

9 – Swinburne – Digital Platforms 
Prof Yang Xiang
Dean, Digital Research & Innovation Capability Platform
Swinburne University of Technology  

Closing: Simon Dawson, IMCRC

“Collaborate” follows the Forum 1.00pm - 1.30pm, led by Simon Dawson, IMCRC

Chair: Krishnamurthy Prasad / David Paynter

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