ICAP 2010
Conference program
Titles of invited talks (click on links for pdf files or mp4 videos of talks)
Opening Talk
Claude Cohen-Tannoudji (Paris) - From optical pumping to quantum gases pdf video

Tuesday evening session
Victor Balykin - A tribute to Vladilen Letokhov
Alain Aspect - Wave-particle duality for a single photon: quantum weirdness brought to light

Ultracold gases and Bose-Einstein condensates
Bill Phillips (JQI/NIST) - Synthetic electric and magnetic fields for ultracold neutral atoms
Jean Dalibard (Paris) - Artificial gauge fields for neutral atoms: from Sagnac's to Berry's phase
Markus Greiner (Harvard) - Quantum gas microscope - probing the superfluid to Mott insulator transition at the single atom level
Masahito Ueda (Tokyo) - Topological excitations in ultracold atomic gases
Eugene Demler (Harvard) - Competition between pairing and ferromagnetic instabilities in the ultracold Fermi gases near Feshbach resonances

Atomic tests of fundamental physics and basic symmetries
Michael Doser (CERN) - Perspectives for precision tests with antihydrogen.
Eric Hessels (Toronto) - Precision measurement of the n=2 triplet P states of helium and the determination of the fine-structure constant
Victor Flambaum (Sydney) - Nuclear clock and variation of fundamental constants pdf video

Precision measurements, including atomic clocks, atom interferometers and fundamental constants
Christophe Salomon (Paris) - Space clocks and fundamental tests
Hidetoshi Katori (Tokyo) - Optical lattice clocks and frequency comparison
Jim Bergquist (NIST, Boulder) - Single-atom optical clocks - it's about time!
John Close (Canberra) - Atom lasers and their prospects for application to precision inertial measurements

Ultracold Fermi gases
Gora Shlyapnikov (Orsay) - Strongly interacting Fermi gases: from ultracold atoms to molecules
Frederic Chevy (Paris) - Thermodynamics of strongly correlated Fermi gases video
Chris Vale (Melbourne) - Universal structure of a strongly interacting Fermi gas video

Ultracold molecules
Matthias Weidemüller (Heidelberg) - Dipolar effects in ultracold molecules
Silke Ospelkaus (JILA) - Ultracold polar molecules - ultracold chemistry and dipolar collisions
Hanns-Christoph Nägerl (Innsbruck) - Ultracold and dense samples of ground-state molecules in lattice potentials pdf video

Quantum simulators with atoms and ions
Wolfgang Ketterle (MIT) - Quantum magnetism with ultracold atoms pdf video
Wu-Ming Liu (Beijing) - Non-Abelian Josephson effect
Chiara Fort (Florence) - Inelastic light scattering to probe strongly correlated bosons in optical lattices
Christian Roos (Innsbruck) - Quantum simulations with trapped ions pdf video

Few-body systems
Chris Greene (JILA) - Universal four-body collisions pdf video
Francesca Ferlaino (Innsbruck) - Few body physics in ultracold gases: the fascinating case of cesium
Francesco Minardi (Florence) - Bose-Bose mixtures in confined dimensions pdf video

Ultrafast phenomena and free electron lasers
Markus Drescher (Hamburg) - Timing-critical studies of atomic and molecular dynamics at the XUX FEL "FLASH"
Richard Taieb (Paris) - Attosecond imaging of molecular electronic wave-packets

Quantum information with atoms and ions
Dave Wineland (NIST, Boulder) - Quantum information and quantum metrology with trapped ions pdf video
Eugene Polzik (Copenhagen) - Quantum memory and sensing with entangled room temperature atoms
Artur Widera (Bonn) - Coherently walking, rocking and blinding single neutral atoms

Quantum optics and cavity QED with atoms
Helmut Ritsch (Innsbruck) - Quantum optics with cold quantum gases
Martin Weitz -Thermalization of a two-dimensional photonic gas in a 'white wall' photon box pdf video
Jakob Reichel (Paris) - Optical detection of a single atom without spontaneous emission
Karim Murr (Garching) - Nonlinear optics with single atoms in optical cavities

Hybrid and optomechanical systems
Andreas Wallraff (Zurich) - Cavity QED with superconducting circuits: Measuring microwave photon correlations
Markus Aspelmeyer (Vienna) - Quantum optomechanics in the strong coupling regime
Cindy Regal (JILA/CalTech) - From cavity electromechanics to cavity optomechanics

Hot topics
Vanderlei Bagnato (Sao Paulo) - Emergence and study of quantum turbulence in a Bose condensate
Kristian Baumann - The Dicke quantum phase transition with a superfluid gas in an optical cavity video
Michael Kohl (Cambridge) - A trapped single ion inside a Bose-Einstein condensate
Jeremy O'Brien (Bristol) - Integrated quantum photonics
Krzysztof Pachucki (Warsaw) - Helium fine structure theory for the determination of alpha pdf video
Randolf Pohl (Garching) - The charge radius of the proton video
Holger Muller (Berkeley) - precision measurement of the gravitational redshift and other applications of atom interferometers video
Elisabeth Giacobino (Paris) - Superfluidity in polariton ensembles
Mark Saffman - Demonstration of a CNOT gate and deterministic entanglement of two neutral atoms using Rydberg blockade
Philippe Grangier (Palaiseau) - Quantum information processing with neutral atoms using Rydberg blockade
Submitted Posters
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The area available for each poster will be 1.2 metres by 1.2 metres.