Become an innovator

Get hands-on experience working directly with industry partners and real-world problems, or user-centric needs where you’ll work with the end-user to unpack a complex problem or obstacle.

Studying with Design Factory Melbourne is an immersive, collaborative and jam-packed experience. You’ll:

  • demonstrate innovation and apply design-thinking methodology
  • enhance your ability to collaborate, innovate and solve complex problems
  • prototype and communicate your ideas
  • build soft skills essential for industry success
  • learn how to be resilient, pivot and thrive in a highly competitive world.

Why study with Design Factory Melbourne?


Get hands-on experience now, solving complex, real-world problems


Work on a unique project where you and your team drive innovative outcomes


Become part of the global Design Factory culture and discover new career paths


Be challenged to develop new technical and professional skills

Discover your study options


Want to innovate with Design Factory Melbourne without taking on a full degree? Good news: you can also get involved through picking up individual elective units.

DES20057 Toolbox for Prototyping and Interdisciplinary Collaboration (12.5cp)

INV10001 Explore Creativity and Innovation (12.5cp)

INV10002 Fundamentals of Innovation Practice (12.5cp)

INV10003 Innovation Sandpit (12.5cp)

  • “The Design Factory experience changed me in a way that no other university or workplace context could: it taught me how to make things happen spontaneously, collaboratively and on the edge of what’s possible.

    I learned new skills that I didn’t even know existed. It’s all about connection, growth and challenging the boundaries of your creativity.”

    Natasha , Master of Design Strategy and Innovation

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