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Innovation is the implementation of creative ideas that add value to our society, economy or planet. An interdisciplinary team of experts, Design Factory Melbourne provides the tools, know-how and capacity to do the front-end work that’s necessary to drive innovation – which few organisations have in-house.

Design Factory Melbourne’s work is tailored to your unique project and informed by well-founded innovation frameworks, such as UK Design Council’s Double Diamond or Framework for Innovation.

It involves:

  • unpacking your project’s need
  • design thinking and co-designing to define your scope of work 
  • testing and iterating by prototyping and understanding your user 
  • supporting your organisation to make decisions to get to a tangible concept.

The Design Factory Melbourne approach


is fundamental to our practice

Different perspectives

enable us to facilitate innovation

Hand-picked teams

bring interdisciplinary expertise to innovation challenges


of minds, skills and experience drives our R&D capability and impact

Five guiding principles

Understand the ideas that drive Design Factory Melbourne’s innovation practice.

It ensures that stakeholders are comfortable to conduct research, collaborate, engage and negotiate around challenges. DFM creates a safe place for industry partners to experiment and co-create outside their organisation’s structures.

Rapid exploration, iteration and evaluation are processes that are only possible through accepting failure as a possible outcome. We learn from failure and apply those learnings to the next phase of the project. 

DFM maintains a flat hierarchy and a culture of mutual respect between all parties. Everybody involved at DFM is responsible, independent and accountable for their own involvement and participation in DFM.

Every design factory is built around its kitchen: a space for serendipitous meetings. You could find yourself next to a CEO, new students, start-up or international visitors. Talking to new people can create networks and opportunities that couldn’t happen elsewhere.

Diversity boosts innovation by creating an environment where all people are valuable. Everybody has a unique point of view derived from their life experience. When two different points connect, they spark innovation.

Small actions, big shifts
Daily Practice of Innovation

Small actions, big shifts

Learn how to set the foundations for a productive day, maximise your time, discover opportunities, boost energy, and gain new perspectives at work.
A year of resilience
Re-think. Re-frame. Re-imagine.

A year of resilience

Uncertainty present opportunities to test innovation practices. Design Factory Melbourne discusses insights gained during COVID.
The approach in a nutshell
Passion Based Co-creation.

The approach in a nutshell

All you need is Love, Design Business, Engineering and passion based co-creation. This book describes the approach to tackling of issues that leads to innovation.

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