Innovation can occur in a whole lot of ways.

Through products, services, strategies, processes or training and facilitation. Innovation can be incremental – or radical. 

Design Factory Melbourne exists to facilitate your innovation, providing interdisciplinary experts and tried-and-true methodologies to convert your challenge into tangible concepts. 

Why work with Design Factory Melbourne?

New Thinking

Gain a different perspectives and creative fresh outlooks on your projects.

R&D Exploration

Deep-dive into design-led research and diverse human centred methodologies.

Front Door to Swinburne’s Expertise

Access the university’s cutting-edge facilities, experts and global best practice.

Build Capability

Discover new ways of working and doing – and bring this to your company.

Design Factory Melbourne services

DFM methodology draws on early-stage thinking and practice, championing ambiguity, creativity and critical thinking to foster decision-making and build capability.

The DFM team:

  • is a responsive and hybrid mix of academics and professional staff
  • has diverse expertise, ranging from traditional academic skills, design, business, engineering and entrepreneurship
  • works collaboratively on challenges beyond the scope of a single discipline or area of research and practice.

How we can help

When it comes to innovation, one size definitely doesn’t fit all – which is why DFM tailors your project to your needs.

Early-stage R&D  

Need support for your innovation’s front-end? Outsource it us.  

We assemble an interdisciplinary team to tackle your problems for you. Bringing a fresh perspective, we harness our expert knowledge and innovation methodologies to unpack, explore and develop ideas for your challenge.  

Depending on your project, your research-informed outcomes can include:  

  • innovative solutions 
  • new markets and ideas 
  • visualisation of concepts and prototyping 
  • user-testing and customer validation 
  • documented research findings 
  • details of the innovation process undertaken. 

Build your innovation capability 

Working closely with your organisation, DFM can design and deliver a custom program of work that trains your people in latest tools and methodologies for innovation – as well as expert facilitation of workshops and session to help you and your people apply these tools to your organisation’s challenges. 

DFM provides:  

  • small and large scale, hands-on learning experiences for professionals across industries 
  • facilitated strategy development workshops 
  • co-creation sessions 
  • collaborative workshops.

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