• Michelle's placement story

    Health Science

    Michelle's placement story

    Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

    Michelle’s placement gave her the opportunity to co-author a cancer research article and has opened her horizons to future employment.

  • Thishara's placement story


    Thishara's placement story

    Bosch Australia

    Thishara’s professional degree has allowed her to study and work full-time for 12-months in Australia.

  • Gabrielle's placement story

    Health Science

    Gabrielle's placement story

    The Data Experience

    Gabrielle’s placement mixes the world of psychology and business which has given her a broader experience.

  • Freya's placement story

    Media and Communication

    Freya's placement story


    Freya discovered the benefits of taking on new challenges during her placement.

  • Mohammad's internship story

    Information Technology

    Mohammad's internship story

    Orange Business Services

    Mohammad's internship gave him insight into project coordination within a global organisation.

  • Fergus's placement story

    Civil Engineering and Finance

    Fergus's placement story

    Metro Trains

    Fergus’ placement at Metro Trains gave him an opportunity to learn work and life skill.

  • Murphy's placement story

    Media and Communication

    Murphy's placement story

    Rail Projects Victoria

    Murphy’s professional degree gave him the opportunity to pursue left-field ideas.

  • Vasin's placement story

    Robotics and Computer Science

    Vasin's placement story


    Vasin was able to take on multiple roles while at NAB, which enabled him to find his true passion.

  • Joshua's placement story

    Health Science

    Joshua's placement story


    Joshua’s placement was one of the most maturing experiences of his life.

  • Isaac's placement story


    Isaac's placement story

    The Data Experience

    Isaac’s placement experience has allowed him to merge Physics and Finance to create business solutions.

  • Katrina's internship story


    Katrina's internship story

    Coroners Court of Victoria

    Katrina's internship gave her a good understanding of what her future job life might be like.

  • Lily's placement story

    Software Engineering

    Lily's placement story


    Lily's work at NAB as a software engineer allowed her team to make better informed decisions about products and services offered.

  • Amanda's placement story

    Information Technology

    Amanda's placement story


    Amanda discovered that she needs to constantly push the boundaries in whatever she does through her professional placement.

  • Alex's placement story

    Civil Engineering

    Alex's placement story

    City of Yarra

    Alex's placement helped provide context to the skills he learnt at Swinburne.

  • Shoaib's internship story

    Information Technology

    Shoaib's internship story

    Media Links Australia

    Shoaib's internship was the first step towards his career in Australia.

  • Simone's placement story


    Simone's placement story


    Simone chose to do a professional placement to gain industry experience and challenge her learning while having a paid placement experience. 

  • Grace's internship story


    Grace's internship story

    Richmond Football Club

    Grace's internship gave her the essential skills and experience to kick-start her career.

  • Brent's placement story


    Brent's placement story


    Brent’s placement confirmed that a career in HR was for him, but not in the area that he originally thought.

  • Natalie's placement story

    Media and Communication

    Natalie's placement story

    Bendigo Bank

    Natalie's placement gave her a significant competitive edge, in the transition from graduation to professional work.

  • Bronte's placement story

    Health Science

    Bronte's placement story

    Rural Northwest Health

    Read about Bronte's experience working at Rural Northwest Health during her placement.

  • Elysia's placement story

    Media and Communications

    Elysia's placement story

    Read about Elysia's experience working as Communication Technology Design Officer during her placement at Scope Australia.

  • Liem's placement story

    Information Technology

    Liem's placement story

    National Australia Bank

    Read about Liem's experience working at National Australia Bank during his placement. 

  • Osama's placement story


    Osama's placement story

    Richmond Football Club

    Read about Osama's experience interning at Richmond Football Club during his professional design placement.

  • Joanna's placement story


    Joanna's placement story

    Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning

    Read about Joanna's experience working within the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.

  • Gerald's placement story

    Marketing and Communication Design

    Gerald's placement story


    Read about Gerald's experience within the communications team during his work placement at Swinburne University.

  • Sally's placement story

    Business Tourism

    Sally's placement story

    Swinburne Abroad

    Read about Sally's experience during her work placement at Swinburne Abroad.

  • Eva-Louise's placement story

    Health Science

    Eva-Louise's placement story

    Monash Heart

    Read about Eva-Louise's experience as a Cardiac Technologist during her work Health Science work placement at MonashHeart.

  • Lili's placement story

    Business Information Systems

    Lili's placement story

    Clear Grain Exchange

    Read more about Lili's experience as a Business Analyst during her internship at Clear Grain Exchange.

  • Michael's placement story

    Communication Design

    Michael's placement story

    Monash Heart

    Read more about Michael's experience during his Communication Design work placement at Monash Heart.

  • Sahil's placement story


    Sahil's placement story

    British Geological Survey

    Read about Sahil's experience as an environmental chemist during his overseas work placement at British Geological Survey.