Create your own opportunities

Many Swinburne courses include a mandatory or elective work placement or industry project. But don't wait till then; you can improve your employability at any time by doing student work or volunteering relevant to your career aspirations. 

Having a wide range of experiences can help to work out if a career is right for you. Think about what casual jobs, one-off projects or volunteer work could build career-relevant skills and your CV.

Swinburne’s Careers and Employability has a wealth of information, contacts and support to help you find work and volunteer opportunities while you’re studying and to prepare you for the job market when you graduate.

The centre offers counselling, training and resources on all three campuses. Employers are invited on campus to speak about job opportunities and contemporary business practice.


Volunteering is a great way to meet new friends and learn valuable skills that will make you more employable. We offer opportunities for you to volunteer an and off campus.

Paid work

Every student can benefit from part-time or casual jobs outside of course hours. Even if you don't need the money, a casual job is a great way to develop your personal and professional capabilities and improve your employability.

Any job is good experience, but you can maximise your time by finding an ongoing job or one-off assignment directly relevant to your studies and career aspirations.

Swinburne Emerging Leaders Program

The Swinburne Emerging Leaders program recognises the valuable skills you develop through activities you undertake alongside your studies. These might include your part-time, volunteer, club or society participation, overseas study tour and careers workshops. The program translates these experiences into skills that employers are looking for.