Josh | Exchange at the University of Limerick, Ireland

"Studying overseas gave me a major head start in my international career."


Josh, who did a student exchange in Ireland.

Josh Collins came to Swinburne to complete his carpentry apprenticeship and he now works in Ireland. This is his journey.

I wasn’t exactly a conventional student; I didn’t even graduate high school with an ATAR score. I did however graduate from Swinburne in the top 10% and receive a Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship.

I’m actually a carpenter, believe it or not. I grew up on a cattle farm in regional Victoria and moved to Melbourne to start a Certificate III in Carpentry at Swinburne’s Croydon campus. After finishing my apprenticeship, I was inspired to push my boundaries and challenge myself further. I enrolled in Swinburne’s Advanced Diploma of International Business, which enabled me to transfer into a Bachelor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, which is the backbone of my career today.

I live and work in Dublin, Ireland, as a Global Startups Executive for Web Summit, the world’s largest technology conference that has helped startup companies like Uber, Vine and so many more to become global revolutions. I absolutely love my job! Every day I’m surrounded by some of smartest people in my field, uncovering some of the most exciting startups that could be the next global revolution in hardware or software technology.

I honestly wouldn’t be in the position I am now if it wasn’t for my degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. When I look back on it the level of relevance the course provided to what I do now in my everyday life is unprecedented!

How did I come to live and work in Ireland? Well, while studying at Swinburne I spent a semester studying in Ireland as an exchange student. I loved it so much I decided to come back to complete a master’s degree in business. 

Studying overseas gave me a major head start in my international career and also helped in terms of my own maturity. When I arrived at the University of Limerick in Ireland I knew absolutely no one, but within days I had made friends with people from all over the world. It challenged the way I viewed the world and helped me to see the bigger picture. On exchange you fly your own path and make your own decisions which is incredible for your personal growth.

The one regret many of my friends have about their time at university is not taking advantage of the many opportunities to study overseas. If you’re considering doing it, it’s worth it! I found it to be a life changing experience.

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