Attendance requirements for ELICOS and Foundation Year students

If you are an ELICOS or Foundation Year student, there are strict attendance conditions attached to your student visa.

If you fail to meet the attendance requirements, your student visa may be cancelled, so it’s extremely important to go to your classes.

The National Code of Practice for Registration Authorities and Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students 2007 (the National Code) prescribes minimum attendance requirements for international students on student visas. Swinburne is obliged by law to report breaches of attendance requirements to government agencies, including Australian immigration authorities.

Satisfactory attendance

‘Satisfactory attendance’ means you are going to enough classes. It is different for ELICOS and Foundation Year students.

If you are absent due to illness, you will be marked absent even with a medical certificate. Supporting documents for your absences should be sent to

Attendance is monitored and you will be notified via your student email if you are in danger of falling below the attendance requirement.


You must attend at least 80% of contact hours in a study period, or 70% if you were absent for compassionate and compelling circumstances and have documentary evidence to prove this.

A study period is a maximum of 10 weeks. Attendance is taken every period. 

Foundation Year

You must attend at least 80% of contact hours in a study period (teaching period) to maintain satisfactory attendance.

We may, however, make an exception and not report you if you are attending at least 70% of contact hours and you are maintaining satisfactory academic progress.

If you withdraw from units in Foundation Year, these will not count towards your attendance, no matter when you withdraw.

Attendance monitoring and warnings

Attendance will be monitored regularly and students will be notified if they are in danger of falling below the 80% attendance requirement in a study period. Students will be notified via their official Swinburne email address. At the discretion of Swinburne, there may also be additional contact by other means such as verbal warning, letter, telephone and SMS.

Notices of intent to report to Australian immigration authorities

If you can no longer achieve the required attendance, you’ll receive official notification of intention to report, sent to your student email address, advising you that Swinburne must inform the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) of your unsatisfactory attendance. You will be given 21 days to apply for a review of the decision in accordance with the Review and Appeals Regulations 2012.

Five consecutive days' absence

Students absent more than five consecutive days may be contacted by email, phone, SMS or letter, and counselled. If you cannot be contacted or continue to remain disengaged from your studies, your enrolment may be cancelled and the DIBP will be informed, which may affect your student visa.

Advice and support

If you require support related to attendance, please see the Pathways Student Concierge at TD Reception.

Contact the International Student Advisory and Support team for other advice and support.