Preparing your 'show cause' submission

Your academic progress is periodically reviewed; twice a year for most students, three times for Swinburne Online students. If your performance drops below our minimum standard, you may receive an email telling you you're 'at risk' and asked to improve performance. 

Being asked to 'show cause' is much more serious. It means your performance is unsatisfactory and your enrolment may be cancelled.

If asked to 'show cause' you must explain to us why you have had unsatisfactory progress and what you will do in future to ensure you pass all of your units.

The Independent Advocacy Service runs regular workshops – both on-campus and online – on how to handle your 'show cause' submission and can help you make your case. We also provide the following tip sheets and guides for the process.

Use the tip sheet and submission guide together, side-by-side, to help you structure the best case.

Higher education students

Swinburne Online higher education students

Swinburne Online vocational education students

Swinburne Online – Education Placement students

Unilink and Foundation Studies students