Sponsorship is when an employer or other organisation agrees to pay a percentage or all of the costs of a student’s tuition fees.   

Postgraduate students and apprentices may come to an agreement with their employer, department or faculty for partial or full sponsorship. 

You must complete a Sponsorship Agreement [PDF 67KB] and lodge it with Swinburne by the census date for a sponsorship to be formally recognised. 

Setting up a sponsorship

The Sponsorship Agreement Form registers the arrangement with Swinburne. This protects everyone involved and ensures you are billed correctly. Sponsors pay fees in each relevant period of study, or a one-off payment.

If you’re a vocational education (VE) student, check your eligibility for a subsidy or fee concession to make sure your sponsor pays the correct amount.

If your sponsor fails to pay any invoices relating to your sponsorship, the sponsorship will be cancelled and you will be liable for all outstanding fees.

Before submitting the Sponsorship Agreement:

  1. the sponsor must complete Sections A and B.
  2. you and your sponsor need to agree to the full Sponsorship Terms and Conditions by signing Section C and submit your completed form in person at any Student HQ office or by email or post.

Email address
For sponsorship enquiries for higher education, vocational education and apprenticeship please email tafefees@swin.edu.au.

Postal address

Student Financials (Mail LU6)
Swinburne University of Technology
PO Box 218
Hawthorn Victoria 3122 Australia


If you have paid online through My Financials you can get copies of your receipts any time. Just log in and print a copy.

For all other payment methods, you will receive a receipt when you pay, except for payments made via BPAY. These can be viewed on your bank statement.

If you need a receipt for tuition fees paid directly to Swinburne prior to April 2014, you will need to submit an online request