Understanding your course planner

You must read your course planner before you enrol online. It will help you plan the units you enrol in. 

Your course planner shows you how many core (compulsory) and component (or elective) units you must enrol in for each semester or teaching period.

Your course planner also shows when you need to study your major or minor units if you're completing a degree.

Using your course planner while you enrol

Make sure you either:

  • print your course planner and have a copy with you while enrolling, or
  • enrol with desktop or laptop computer.

It's a good idea to keep your course planner open in a separate window as you work through the steps.

Choosing your units

Most course planners show a recommended course structure, and you can change some of the recommended units.

You can choose your component or elective units, and your major and minor units. You need to study some units in a certain order.

Read more about your course structure and choosing units.

Course planner example

This is an example of a course planner for a bachelor degree. It shows what the information in the course planner means and how the units are colour-coded.

Your course planner may look different to this example.

Instructional diagram showing how to read your course planner