Setting up your class timetable

Follow these instructions to plan and set up your class timetable.

After you've enrolled in units on your study plan, you will be able to register in classes to set up your class timetable. Please note that some courses will have their class timetable pre-populated for you.

Make sure you know the key timetable dates.

1. Enrol in units

Before you can register into classes, make sure you’re enrolled in the units you wish to study. 

2. See when classes are on

The timetable planner shows you all the class times that are available for each unit.

Classes can be lectures, tutorials, labs or other unit-based activities that you'll need to attend as part of a unit. 

Use the timetable planner to check when you can register into classes for each unit so that they don't clash. 

You can also use the timetable planner to pre-plan your class timetable before class timetable opens for each teaching period.

3. Register into classes and view your timetable

You can register into classes and see your personal class timetable in ‘My class timetable’.

To automatically register into all your classes with no clashes, select 'Register into clash-free classes'. 

You can also register into your classes and make changes manually. For details, see the Help guide for 'My class timetable' [PDF, 826 KB]


Get help with setting up your timetable

If you need help using ‘My class timetable’:

If you would like advice or help in person or over the phone, contact studentHQ.

Timetable clashes

If the classes you would like to register into are clashing on your timetable, sign into 'My class timetable' and choose another class time.

If there is no other class time available, or you decide you need to change the units you have enrolled in, you can use your course planner to help choose another unit.

Full classes and new available spaces

If you haven't been able to register into classes on your timetable, you may be trying to register into a class that is already full. 

Don't worry – new spaces become progressively available. Check 'My class timetable' regularly.