Access your student email 

It’s important to check your student email regularly because we use it to send you important information. If you don’t check in often, you may miss a key date. At Swinburne, we use Microsoft Office 365 to manage student emails.

Your username will be your student email address when you log in to Office 365. Your student email is in the format for example,

Your student ID number can be found on your Letter of Offer or on your student ID card. Your existing password will be used to log in to your student email on Office 365. 

Being able to access free Wi-Fi on campus enables Jasmine to study for her degree inbetween classes. 

Note: your current password is the one that you received from Swinburne when you submitted your application and is the same password you will use to access other university systems, such as Canvas. Forgotten your password? Visit the Swinburne self-service password management portal.

Get Office 365 for free!

Current Swinburne University of Technology students are able to use Microsoft Office 365 online and install the latest Microsoft Office applications on up to five PCs or Macs for free.

Install Office 365

Student email on a mobile device 

Download the free Microsoft Outlook app available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS operating systems. Download these free apps from the Apple, Android or Microsoft app stores. You can also access email through apps such as Mail on iPhone.

To set up your account, open the Outlook application then add a new email account by entering your Swinburne email address as your username, and your password.

Student Wi-Fi

Connecting to campus-wide, secure Wi-Fi network on all your devices is easy. 

Swinburne uses a secure wireless network called eduroam. The quickest way to connect to eduroam is to use the XpressConnect wizard.

If you're on a device that doesn't have mobile data, you can connect to Swinburne's open Wi-Fi network 'Swinburne Connect'. This will allow you to access the IT help pages and connect to eduroam.

Set up Wi-Fi (Library Clips)

XpressConnect wizard

XpressConnect wizard sets up your device for you once you agree to the terms and conditions.

You’ll also need your SIMS ID, which is your Swinburne student number.

When you’re ready to get online and know your Swinburne email, go to the XpressConnect wizard and follow the steps. 

If you’re on campus and within Wi-Fi range, you will now be connected to eduroam and able to browse online. Repeat these steps for each device you want to connect.

For more information on the parameters of our information technology parameters, read our IT acceptable use guidelines.


If you need any technical help or want to ask a question about IT, the TechBar is here to help. We can assist you in connecting to the Eduroam wifi, printing, setting up to work from home, using OneDrive and more.

You can find the TechBAR at Level 2 of the Library from 8am-6pm, Monday to Friday.

Navigating your student email

You can redirect your Swinburne student email so it's automatically sent to an alternative email address, such as a personal email that you use more regularly.

To forward all messages to another email address:

  • Log into Outlook
  • Click the gear icon to change your settings
  • Under View all Outlook settings, click Mail
  • From the list of options, click Forwarding
  • Select the Enable forwarding option
  • Enter the new address in the Forward my email to: text box
  • Click Save

If you can't log in, confirm you're connected to the internet and using the correct username and password.

If you check your emails using an app, try a password reset to help correct the problem. If you check your student email in a web browser, try clearing the cache and cookies. This removes files related to previous web browsing sessions.

If you cannot log into email, you may need to reset your password. Visit the password management portal to reset or change your password. You'll need to have your contact details on file with us to reset your password.

The process of changing or resetting your password is easy if you know your current password, simply follow the steps through the password management portal.

How to reset your password if you've forgotten your current password

To verify your identity, we need to be able to contact you on your mobile and your alternate email address. Visit the password management portal and follow the steps.

If you’ve not provided us with a mobile number or alternate email address, please contact the IT Service Desk on +61 3 9214 5000 to get help in updating your contact information.

If you have another email account that uses Office 365, you may need to log out of that account before logging in with your Swinburne email. You can also open the email link in a different browser or in a private/incognito browsing session. 

Need assistance?

Rovers operate from the library on Hawthorn campus. If you can't use the connection wizard or are having other IT issues, rovers can assist you. For IT help and services, click on the button below. 

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