At Swinburne, we offer multiple options for studying these degrees, including double degrees, degrees with honours and honours years with options like part-time or online study for flexible learning.

What is a bachelor degree?

A bachelor degree is often the first university experience for people leaving school, but it’s open to everyone, including mature-age students. These degrees usually take between three and five years to finish, with the option to study full-time, part-time or online. And from 2021, all Swinburne bachelor degrees come with guaranteed real industry experience in the form of placements, internships or industry-linked projects

If you choose to apply for a bachelor degree through VTAC check out our ATAR calculator to find out all your bachelor options at Swinburne. 

Double degrees

Double degrees let you study two areas at once and graduate with two qualifications a lot quicker than it would be by studying them separately. 
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Many degrees offer a specialised honours year after you complete a degree. You’ll complete a thesis or research project to gain specialised knowledge in your chosen area. Doing an honours year can improve your employment prospects and can lead to postgraduate research study. 
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Degree with honours

Some of our degrees, like design and engineering, have an honours year built into the course and we call these ‘degrees with honours’.

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