If you’re currently enrolled in a university overseas that isn’t a partner of Swinburne, you can still experience the fun and excitement of studying in Australia through the Study Abroad in Melbourne Program.

Study Abroad in Melbourne Program

Program details


The Study Abroad in Melbourne Program allows international students enrolled at a university that is not one of our partners to study at Swinburne for one or two semesters. You can begin your studies in either Semester 1 (March–June) or in Semester 2 (August–November).

Entry requirements and fees

Learn more about the entry requirements and tuition fees for our Study Abroad in Melbourne Program, including the English and academic requirements.

Choosing your subjects

The normal unit (subject) load is four units per semester.

Alternatively, you may choose to maximise your time to explore Melbourne and take only three units. We call this the ‘Study 3 Abroad’ option. If you choose this, you will enjoy all the benefits of being enrolled as a full-time student, but only take and pay for three units.

Find out what you need to know when choosing your subjects.

Key considerations

Study Abroad Program students can choose to add a certificate of specialisation to their studies.

To qualify for the certificate, you must complete two units from any one discipline. You can also qualify for a dual certificate of specialisation if you complete two units from each of two disciplines.

To apply, you will need to select the certificate of specialisation as an option when completing your online application for your Study Abroad Program.

A certificate of specialisation is available from these disciplines:

  • Semester 1 (February–June) deadline: 27 January
  • Semester 2 (July–November) deadline: 2 July

Applications submitted after the deadline will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

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    On-campus accommodation

    Learn about the different types of accommodation on Swinburne's Hawthorn campus, including private and shared accommodation options.

How to apply for the Study Abroad in Melbourne Program

Want to start a new adventure and study in Australia? Learn how to apply for the Study Abroad in Melbourne Program. 

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