When you enrol in a software engineering course at Swinburne, you’ll learn how to understand and solve complex problems using innovative technologies.  You'll graduate with a deep understanding of the relationship between software design, construction and maintenance.

Our undergraduate and postgraduate software engineering degrees provide hands-on instruction. You’ll learn practical and technical skills to build software, management skills to articulate your vision and make it a reality, and tools to create stand-alone, mobile, networked and web-based software.

Graduate with an understanding of key software challenges, such as cybersecurity, articificial intelligence and data management, and the confidence to create software built to withstand the challenges of modern technology — all while providing users with a delightful, rich and meaningful experience.

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Whether it's business, health, or design you're interested in, TAFE, undergrad or postgrad – Semester 2 classes start on Monday 29 July.

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