Our data science degree will teach you how to collect different types of data (including metadata) and how to use the latest tools to store, process, extract, visualise and find insights within it. You’ll also learn how to turn insights into decisions, and how artificial intelligence is changing how we see the world.

With data playing such a critical role in modern society, learning data science gives you the skills you’ll need to work in a range of fields — from marketing, to mining and beyond. 

Better still, with our data science course under your belt, you’ll have the skills to not only solve problems with data — but to see them before they even happen. Browse our courses to find detailed course information, application dates, entry requirements, fees, subjects, ATAR calculator and more. 

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  • Teisha Damman and Pete Nikoletatos from TechnologyOne
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    Donor scholarship sets student on cyber security path

    Swinburne University of Technology have announced the inaugural recipient of the Adrian Di Marco Women in Software Development Scholarship, offered by TechnologyOne. The scholarship recipient is Teisha Damman, who is studying a Bachelor of Information and Communications Technology.

    Wednesday 25 October 2023
  • Hand with world holograph
    • Technology
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    Swinburne is leading the way in multi-cloud architecture education

    Swinburne is rolling out a new course to handle the emergence of multi-cloud digital systems in workplace organisations, giving our students the latest expertise in the modern workplace to ensure job readiness.

    Friday 13 October 2023

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