You’ll develop a deep understanding of key political concepts such as power, democracy and security in this major.

Probe and question political structures and how new media technology has created fresh opportunities for democratic mobilisation and participation at local, national and global levels, while opening up new ways to corrupt democratic processes.

Analyse how the use and misuse of technology influences security, privacy, freedom and human rights in traditional political processes and institutions.

Formulate strong arguments and use your critical thinking skills to provide solutions to the challenges facing governments and the governed in the twenty first century.

The study of politics, power and technology is multi-disciplinary and includes politics, philosophy, and history. Browse our courses to find detailed course information, application dates, entry requirements, fees, subjects, ATAR calculator and more. 

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  • Australian flag and Aboriginal flag on the top of old clock tower building.
    • Politics

    The Voice: how do other countries represent Indigenous voices in government?

    One of the claims advanced by the “no” campaign in the upcoming referendum on the Voice to Parliament is that “there is no comparable constitutional body like this anywhere in the world”. Yet across the globe there are many political institutions that seek to guarantee Indigenous peoples are heard.

    Friday 22 September 2023

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