2024 SSAF allocation process

Under the “Higher Education Support (Student Services, Amenities, Representation and Advocacy) Guidelines 2022”, Universities are required to have a formal process of consultation with democratically elected student representatives and representatives from major student organisations regarding the specific uses of the fee.

This consultation must include:

  • Publishing identified priorities for proposed fee expenditure and allowing opportunities to comment on those priorities by students as well as student associations and organisations; and
  • Meeting with democratically elected student representatives and representatives from major student organisations at the university to consider priorities for use of the fee.

2024 SSAF allocation process and timeline

The application process will adhere to the following events and timeline in Table 1.

When Action Description Who
30 August 2023  Student consultation and feedback gathered for priorities

(AMDC301) 1.10pm-1.50pm and Hybrid attendance via MS Teams. All students are welcome to attend in-person or access the meeting online using MS Teams. Request the hybrid link from:

The Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education, Experience & Employability) via eee@swin.edu.au

Students and Student bodies
8 September 2023 Student written feedback published on 2024 SSAF website

The proposed priorities, taking into consideration the feedback provided at the August 30 consultation meeting, will be published on this webpage:

Office of the DVC EEE
8 September 2023

2024 SSAF applications open

SSAF website detailing how to apply for SSAF allocation funding:

Student bodies and University
22 September 2023 Students: Written feedback deadline

Students are invited to provide written feedback regarding proposed 2024 SSAF expenditure and/or the allocations process via email in the following ways:

  • To: The Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education, Experience & Employability) eee@swin.edu.au
    Subject: 2024 SSAF Allocation Student Feedback


29 September 2023

Student Bodies: Written feedback deadline

Student bodies are invited to provide written feedback regarding proposed 2024 SSAF expenditure and/or the allocations process (may include written student feedback sent directly to the student bodies) via email in the following ways:

  • To: The Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education, Experience & Employability) eee@swin.edu.au
    Subject: 2024 SSAF Allocation Feedback
Student bodies
8 October 2023  Student survey due date 

Higher Education and Vocational Education students are invited to participate in a survey regarding preferred students services and support to support your student experience.

This survey has been provided to eligible students via student email.

13 October 2023 SSAF application due for 2024 SSAF. Applications close COB Friday 13 October 2023  

Email completed applications as follows:

  • To: The Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education, Experience & Employability) eee@swin.edu.au
    Subject: 2024 SSAF Allocation Application
Student bodies and University
November 2023 SSAF ARC meeting to review applications and make recommendations to the Vice Chancellor SSAF ARC (Student Services and Amenities Fees Allocation and Reporting Committee) SSAF ARC and Vice Chancellor
December 2023 Announcement of SSAF recipients

All feedback will be considered with the Vice-Chancellor reaching a decision on the 2024 SSAF allocation in December 2023. Application results will be:

  • Listed on 2024 SSAF Website. 
  • Emailed to applicants (successful and unsuccessful).
Student bodies and University.
Table 1. SSAF allocation process and timeline

SSAF 2024 - Estimated SSAF

Estimated SSAF to be collected for 2024 is:


*Note: This estimated amount may change in 2024 pending actual student enrolments.

2024 student consultation session feedback

A student consultation session was held on Wednesday 30 August 2023 to gain student feedback on what they consider to be most important for SSAF-funded priorities at Swinburne.

Additionally in October 2023 a survey was provided to current higher education students as well as VET students on what student services/permitted SSAF expenditure allowable categories would they like to see prioritised by SSAF in 2024. The top ten results are:

  1. Promoting the health and welfare of students
  2. Helping students obtain employment or advice
  3. Helping students with their financial affairs
  4. Providing food or drink to students on campus
  5. Providing libraries and students rooms (other then those provided for academic purposes)
  6. Helping students develop skills for study by means other then undertaking courses of student in which they are enrolled
  7. Providing legal services to students
  8. Helping student secure accommodation
  9. Helping meet the specific needs of overseas students relating to their welfare, accommodation and employment
  10. Advocating students interests in matters under university rules.

2024 SSAF allocation 

The Student Services and Amenities Fees Allocation and Reporting Committee (ARC) received 44 applications for program funding in 2024. A recommendation on funding priorities was made to the Vice-Chancellor which was approved.

No. Title and brief description Provided by Allocation Allowable category
Swinburne Careers Service:
  • evidence-based employability programs, services, events and resources to ensure that of all Swinburne students have the career skills they need to find, create, and obtain meaningful employment.
SUT Employability $1,200,000 8

Orientation and Transition:

  • co-ordination
  • wayfinding and support
  • communications
  • campus activation
  • food.
SSL $370,000 18, 1

Swinburne Online Welcome Committee:

  • additional personalised support, resources and initiatives for new and returning students at higher risk of failing or discontinuing their studies.
SOL $40,000 18, 15
11 Pre-orientation programs supporting transition to university:

  • Student Essentials program
  • pre-orientation modules (POP).
SUT Student Engagement $125,000 18, 1, 15, 19

Comms & Media Orientation (project):

  • project to review and improve onboarding communications.
SUT Media and Comms $132,000 18

Health Service:

  • supporting all students in their medical and mental health during their studies, assisting with retention 
  • timely response to students experiencing a mental health episode or in an acute state
  • supporting students with complex needs.
SUT Health Service $2,020,000 6

AccessAbility services:

  • support for students living with a disability, medical or mental health condition, or students who have primary carer responsibilities.
SUT Student Engagement $730,000 6

Student Finance Support Service:

  • Student Finance Support Officer to provide tailored fee information and advice, fee issue resolution, processing scholarships, payment plan support, supporting post census date remissions/refund processes, and referral to additional support services.
SUT Student Administration $90,000 9

Student Finance, Housing Support and Advice:

  • student housing and financial advice.
SUT Student Engagement $132,000 7, 9

Independent Advocacy Service:

  • case management services, maintenance and development of resource bank, and delivery of drop-in sessions and informational campaigns.
SSL $350,000 16, 17

Student success (project):

  • success coach pilot to ensure students successfully achieve their educational, employment and wellbeing goals.
SUT Student Engagement and SUT VET $150,000 6, 15, 18

Peer mentoring (expanded program):

  • a mentoring program targeted at commencing and first year students and providing a positive and supported student experience outside of the curriculum.
SUT Student Engagement $190,000 1, 15, 18

Tax Help Program:

  • ATO-accredited volunteer run Tax Help program.
SSL $5,000 9

Legal service:

  • fully subsidised legal advice provided by external firms.
SSL $30,000 5


  • administration support (including financial governance, compliance, risk management, member recruitment, promotion, etc) for club activities and training for club leaders 
  • funding for sport and non-sport clubs to support delivery of sporting and recreational activities.
SSL $460,000 2, 3


  • coordination of volunteer training and opportunities
  • volunteer opportunities, training, incentives
  • food and drink for volunteers.
SSL $130,000 1, 8

Sport (Elite Athlete, HALC, Non-club sport):

  • social sporting and intervarsity sporting activities including participation in UniSport events and sporting facilities
  • financial and administrative support for students who are elite athletes
  • subsidised swimming, gym memberships.
SSL $236,000 2

School Consultative Committee Activities

  • funding for activities to be determined by the School Student Consultative Committees to support sense of belonging and connection to schools.
SSL $24,000 2
31 Student leadership:

  • leadership development
  • leadership events
  • student stipends
SSL $230,000 1, 8, 17

Multi-faith centre:

  • activities promoting spiritual wellbeing, community, belonging, inclusivity, unity, understanding and harmony among the University’s culturally diverse community
  • activities fostering a culture of understanding, acceptance, appreciation and respect within and between the University’s diverse communities.
SSL $130,000 1, 6

Social and cultural events:

  • food trucks and food serves for events/activations/social and cultural gatherings
  • wellbeing initiatives.
SSL $80,000 1, 2, 6

Social and cultural events:

  • Eastern campus events.
SSL $44,000 1, 2

Student engagement:

  • events and festivals
  • programs and tours.
SSU $80,000 2

Student engagement:

  • Student Council
  • Welfare Department event
  • transport assistance program.
SSU $143,000 6

Student engagement:

  • student governance
  • volunteering program.
SSU $41,000 15

Student engagement:

  • Staff and administrative costs.
SSU $296,400 16

Student welfare:

  • staff and administrative costs.
SSU $242,600 16

Student engagement:

  • SWINE magazine.
SSU $42,000 14

Student content creation:

  • incorporating student voice in to communication channels in partnership with students.
SSL $42,000 14

Student welfare

  • welfare program
SSU $125,000 1
44 Foodbank van (project) SSU $30,000 1
Table 2. 2024 SSAF allocations
Funding provided by Total allocation



SUT Employability

SUT Student Engagement

SUT Student Administration

SUT Health Service

SUT Media and Comms










Total $7,940,000
Table 3. 2024 SSAF allocations - totals

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