You can repay the Trade Support Loan through the tax system once you’re earning above the minimum repayment threshold

You can use this money to help with any ordinary living expenses while completing your apprenticeship. 

If you qualify for the Trade Support Loan, payments are made at intervals throughout your apprenticeship. 

Trade Support Loans 

You may be eligible for a Trade Support Loan if you're doing: 

  • a Certificate III or IV leading to certain trade occupations specified on the National Skills Needs Listor  
  • certain agriculture and horticulture qualifications at the certificate levels II, III and IV. 

Check the National Skills Needs List before you apply, as it is subject to change.

Want to apply for a Trade Support loan?

Contact your local Apprenticeship Network provider. Your Apprenticeship Network provider will determine if you're eligible for an Australian apprenticeship. 
They can also help you to apply for the loan once you have been accepted into a relevant apprenticeship course.

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