This overview covers what you need to know about paying your fees as an international student. 

This information is for you if you're:

  • not an Australian or New Zealand citizen or an Australian permanent resident
  • are enrolled in at least one unit of your course in Australia and will be a resident for the duration of that study. 

If you’re a local student, learn more about paying your fees as a local student.

What fees do you need to pay as an international student?

Tuition fees

Your tuition fees cover the cost of delivering your internationally recognised Swinburne course.  

You may also need to pay some other miscellaneous fees from time to time. 

In some cases, your study may be sponsored by your employer, home government or another organisation. If that is the case a valid Financial Guarantee on the sponsor’s official letterhead must be submitted for Swinburne’s approval via as proof of sponsorship.  Any study not covered by the Financial Guarantee will be payable by the student by the due date.  

You will also be responsible for any fees incurred not paid in full by your sponsor.

How much are your fees?

The amount of your fees varies, depending on which course you are studying. 

To see the exact amount you need to pay, log in to My Finances and view your Statement of Account and Tax Invoice. This will always show the current calculation based on your enrolment.

Note: The cost of your tuition fees as shown on your Statement of Account may not match the cost outlined in your letter of offer. This is because your Statement of Account always shows the most current information, including changes to enrolment.

How to pay your fees

International students need to pay tuition fees up-front by the relevant due date. You can find the due dates on your Statement of Account.

To pay your fees:

  • log in to My Finances
  • check your Australian bank account details are correct 
  • check your Statement of Account to see how much you owe 
  • pay using your preferred payment method.

Fee payment methods

Paying from your Australian bank account

There are several ways to pay your fees:

  • Online via the Swinburne website/portal (My Finances)
  • Online via BPay (Biller Code 334193) — register with your bank or financial institution. 
  • Online via Post Billpay (Billpay code 2299) — use the website or smartphone app. You can also phone 13 18 16 or pay in person at any post office. Your reference number is on your Statement of Account.
  • studentHQ — pay in person on campus at the Library and studentHQ using credit card or EFT (cash is not accepted).

Note: If your account is overdrawn, you will be charged a A$100 dishonour fee each time.

Paying from your home country

If you’re paying from outside of Australia you can pay via telegraphic transfer or choose from many online payment options such as UnionPay or AliPay (minimum $2,100) through Convera. Telegraphic transfers made via other organisations cannot be accepted.

Convera payment guide for international students

Note: Convera does not process payments to, from or involving residents of Iran, North Korea, Cuba and the Crimea, Luhansk and Donetsk provinces of Ukraine. More information about sanctions and potential restrictions on payments that can be processed is available through the Convera website.

When to pay your fees as an international student

When you pay your fees depends if you are a new, commencing or continuing international student.  

If you are a new student, you must pay your deposit when you accept your offer of a place at Swinburne. 

If you are a continuing student you need to pay your fees by the due date on your Statement of Account and Tax Invoice. The penalties for late payment of fees for international students are serious and include fines, restricted access to your results and possible cancellation of your student visa. 

If you need more time to pay your fees you may be able to apply for a fee payment extension. Extensions are granted only up to the census date, which is on your statement of account.


If you have paid online through My Finances you can get copies of your receipts by logging in and printing a copy at any time.  

For other payment methods, you will receive a receipt when you pay, except for payments via BPAY. These can be viewed on your bank statement.  

If you want a receipt for a payment made directly to Swinburne before April 2014, you can print or download a request for a copy of a receipt (tuition fees only). 

What to do if you receive an 'overdue fees' notice

It is important to pay all fees on time, including tuition fees and any other miscellaneous fees.

If you receive an overdue fees notice but believe you have paid, do the following:

  • Log in to My Finances and check. 
  • If you haven’t paid the fees, make payment as soon as possible to avoid penalties.
  • If you have paid your fees, forward your Statement of Account and proof of payment to

Note: If you do not pay your overdue fees you may be withdrawn from your course.

Need help and advice regarding your fees?

Whether it's understanding what your fees cover, learning if you qualify for loans and scholarships, or dealing with an overdue fees notice, help is available for you as an international student studying at Swinburne. 

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