Our courses have different fee structures and payment methods depending on the field of study and type of course you choose.

There are also different fee structures for local and international students — so be careful to read the right information before you apply. If you need assistance in understanding your statement of account or managing your fees, watch the video further down the page.

Census date information

Find important information about census dates. It is your responsibility to know when the census dates are for each teaching period and to make payments or submit documents in time.

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HECS-HELP up-front discount has been removed

On 1 January 2023, the Australian Government removed the HECS-HELP up-front discount. This means students will no longer receive a discount when making upfront payments for classes that start after 1 January 2023.

Students who are studying units with a census date in 2022 are still eligible to receive the HECS-HELP up-front discount. Find out more on the StudyAssist website.

Tax File Number verification

To maintain your Swinburne enrolment and eligibility for a HECS-HELP loan, the Australian Taxation Office must be able to verify your Tax File Number (TFN) against your personal details. Learn how to get your TFN verified

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    Loans and discounts for local students

    From the Free TAFE for Priority Courses initiative to a variety of HELP loans, the Australian and Victorian governments provide a number of ways to help you pay your fees as a local student.

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    Indicative course fees

    Your fees vary depending on which units you study in your course. Visit the indicative course fees and unit costs page to estimate the cost of your course as well as find out your unit delivery schedule.

  • Student Services and Amenities Fee

    The Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) pays for important student services and amenities such as health and welfare services. Find out more about this fee and how it goes towards improving your student experience.

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    Miscellaneous fees

    Miscellaneous fees are payable for things such as sitting special examinations, attending graduation or replacing a lost Student ID card. Find out more about the miscellaneous fees at Swinburne.

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    Fee sponsorship

    Fee sponsorship is when your employer or other organisation pays a percentage of your tuition fees and is open to all students including undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as apprentices.

Census dates

Every unit offered by Swinburne has a census date. It is important to be aware of your unit census date(s) and how they impact your enrolment, fees and academic record.

The census date for each unit is the last date in each teaching period you can:

  • withdraw from your course or individual units without financial liability
  • complete and submit your 'Request for Commonwealth Support' (i.e. any HELP loan application) forms
  • pay part or all of your student contribution or tuition fees upfront (if applicable)
  • provide your Tax File Number (TFN).

Check census dates

Check the census dates on the indicative course fees page or on your Statement of Account and Tax Invoice by logging in to My Swinburne.

Higher education students are liable for fees after the census date, and will also incur an academic penalty (fail grade) after the academic penalty date.

To see your academic penalty dates, check the academic calendar.

How to navigate your fees

We’ve created an instructional video that will assist you in managing your fees and student financials — from reading and understanding your statement of account, to managing your HELP and Commonwealth Support applications, we've got you covered.
You will need to log in to My Swinburne to follow the steps outlined in the help guides below.

Viewing your financial information and paying your student fees
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Studying a professional piloting course?

Our Bachelor of Aviation and Bachelor of Aviation and Piloting courses incur additional fees on top of your tution fees. Find out more about the flying training fees.