When you accept your offer to study with us you will need to pay a deposit.

The deposit is listed on your Letter of Offer. Usually, it includes a payment towards your tuition fee and a fee for Overseas Student Health Cover.

If you are a sponsored student who receives financial assistance from a government, organisation or company, you are not required to pay a deposit.

How to pay

The easiest way to pay your deposit is through Western Union Business Solutions. They provide secure online payments via credit card (Visa or MasterCard), telegraphic transfer or online payment options such as UnionPay or AllPay. It’s the fastest option, you can pay with your own currency at a fixed rate (for 72 hours), and if you pay by telegraphic transfer, you’ll pay no transfer charges.

Once you’ve completed your payment through Western Union, you’ll need to submit your Offer Acceptance Form with:

  • a copy of the Western Union online receipt if you paid by credit card; or

  • the bank receipt and a copy of Western Union’s confirmation email if you paid by telegraphic transfer.

Pay via the Western Union payment portal.

For advice on how to use the Western Union payment portal watch the video below and read the student guide.

WU® GlobalPay for Students – The quick and easy way to pay your international tuition fees

Western Union GlobalPay for students

Learn how you can pay your student tuition and other fees using WU® GlobalPay for Students. Watch as Lin pays her tuition in a fast, easy and affordable manner all in her local currency.

Other payment options

You may also pay by wire remittance, however it is a long process and is not recommended if you require urgent visa documentation. If you choose this option, clearly indicate your family name, given name and your student ID number on your wire remittance receipt. You must attach a copy of your receipt to this form and return it to us so we can identify your payment in our bank account.

All bank charges for this remittance will be your responsibility.

Confirmation of enrolment

Once you have accepted your offer and paid your deposit, we will provide you with your Confirmation of Enrolment.

Need help with paying your deposit?

Our International Student Advisory & Support team are here to help you with all aspects of living and studying in Melbourne. To speak to an international student adviser call +61 3 9214 6741 or visit Room AMDC106, Monday – Friday between 9am and 5pm.

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