This unit builds and strengthens students’ understanding and application of knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, identity, languages, histories, status, challenges, place-based pedagogies, contributions and perspectives in education settings. In particular, the unit facilitates deeper thinking when exploring and critically analysing key policies and curriculum documents that have shaped pedagogical approaches and content over time. Students will be exposed to the socio-political histories and deliberate how methods in the current frameworks connect traditional and contemporary perspectives from Aboriginal peoples leading to stronger cultural awareness and designing an authentic and meaningful curriculum.


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Learning outcomes

Students who successfully complete this unit will be able to:

  • Demonstrate and apply a sophisticated understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives on learning, and pedagogical approaches that can be effectively integrated to maximise student learning outcomes.
  • Demonstrate a deep knowledge of global and local education policy surround Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and current positioning, and use critical thinking to analyse and understand the impact of education systems across time from a socio-political perspective.
  • Apply critical thinking to understanding ethical approaches to designing and implementing learning programs that are responsive to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ways of knowing, doing and being where meaningful and contextual tools are used to measure impact on student learning and wellbeing.
  • Demonstrate contextual, innovative and ethical approaches to working in partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and families to maximise opportunities for student learning, outcomes and life achievements as well as professional growth.
  • Use high level problem-solving, critical and creative thinking to investigate complex local and global issues and curriculum frameworks that impact upon Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander learning and masterfully articulate the implications of these issues and provide potential solutions to bring about positive change.

Teaching methods


Type Hours per week Number of weeks Total (number of hours)
Live Online
1.00 12 weeks 12
2.00 12 weeks 24
Specified Activities
4.00 12 weeks 48
Unspecified Activities
5.50 12 weeks 66

Swinburne Online

Type Hours per week Number of weeks Total (number of hours)
Directed Online Learning and Independent Learning
12.50 12 weeks 150


Type Task Weighting ULO's
Case StudyGroup 50% 4,5 
ReportIndividual 40% 1,2,3 


  • Policy, curriculum and positioning of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in educational contexts.
  • Students will navigate complexities of history and contemporary pedagogical approaches where they will critically locate curriculum frameworks, identify and engage educational resources and learn to articulate socially just philosophy and pedagogical approaches.  Students will investigate
  • Place-based pedagogies 
  • Authentic, responsive and meaningful curriculum and learning opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.
  • Educational resources  

Study resources

Reading materials

A list of reading materials and/or required textbooks will be available in the Unit Outline on Canvas.