Swinburne Edge (formerly Swinburne Professional) worked collaboratively with Finsbury Green leaders to develop the Flourishing at Finsbury Green program. The program focused on strengthening long-term company culture and encouraging positive mental health habits for all employees. The Live Online workshops were a monumental success, with 92 per cent of participants stating they gained valuable skills and tools to use in the workplace.

Finsbury Green is an Australian-owned, solutions-based company with operations in five states. They are leading the way in premier green print, managed services and logistics. With a key focus on carbon neutral ‘green’ processes and corporate social responsibility, Finsbury Green is committed to providing outstanding service to clients and stays committed to reducing environmental impacts. Owning and operating several Australian warehouse locations, they are well-versed in the execution of large marketing and distribution campaigns for their clients. 

Finsbury Green approached Swinburne Edge as they were seeking a positive energy injection for the organisation. They wanted to assist their staff with the myriad of tumultuous life changes due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

Finsbury Green and Swinburne Edge worked closely together to develop a completely bespoke solution designed to change the long-term culture rather than short-term COVID-19 support. As a result, the value of employee mental health was placed at the forefront of the solution.

Participant satisfaction rates

Overall experience
Course content
  • Luke Tindale, CEO of Finsbury Green

    “The content was highly relevant and timely. The outcome was successful in all facets. The planning, delivery and follow up were professionally executed by the Swinburne team who were exceptional.”

    Luke Tindale , CEO, Finsbury Green

The solution

Collaboration with Finsbury Green was fundamental to the creation of this unique program, with leader debrief sessions playing an imperative role. Designed as a long-term culture investment, the program was a method to strengthen the team ethos and support ongoing employee wellbeing.

An extensive scoping process with key stakeholders was completed by Swinburne Edge project managers across four individual sessions. This provided the direction and recommendation of educational content, delivery method, duration and format. As a result, the PERMA Model was introduced as an integral inspiration to the bespoke program structure. This model directed and encouraged meaningful content focusing on positive emotion, engagement, relationships, meaning and accomplishments.

Educational content was designed to encourage sharp bursts of positivity and provide participants with tools to cope with mental health challenges. 

Over a program period of four weeks, 80 employees participated in four modules of training sessions, including additional pre- and post-briefing. Each Flourishing at Finsbury Green session was a one-hour interactive workshop including a question and answer discussion afterwards. 

Facilitated via the Zoom platform, the program utilised Swinburne Edge’s dynamic Live Online delivery mode. All sessions were recorded and stored on the Finsbury Green intranet for later reference or absentees.

  • “[The facilitator] did a great job keeping a potentially heavy subject light. Having our peers focus on the positives in our lives was important. This program was excellent, and I would highly recommend it to any organisation.”

    Finsbury Green participant

The results

The collaborative efforts between Swinburne Edge and Finsbury Green resulted in a highly successful program. An impressive 92 per cent of employees indicated they gained valuable skills and tools to use in the workplace.

On top of this, 100 per cent of participants were satisfied with the workshop content and 97 per cent satisfied with the facilitator. The program has united Finsbury Green employees and provided them with a toolkit to navigate fragile situations and prioritise their wellbeing. 

This investment by Finsbury Green into the mental health of their employees has left a positive impression on staff and improved the company culture.

  • “The exercises in each module were easy to grasp and also easy to describe to help others. The course reinforced my awareness of my own current practices and was extremely valuable from an education perspective. There is always more to learn!”

    Finsbury Green participant

Duration: 5 weeks
Participants: 80
Location: Australia
Delivery model: Live Online

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