"Rail Projects Victoria has a number of programs in place to create employment opportunities.

As the Victorian Government body responsible for the delivery of the Metro Tunnel Project, Regional Rail Revival, Melbourne Airport Rail, Suburban Rail Loop and the Western Rail Plan including fast rail between key regional cities, Rail Projects Victoria has many opportunities for students and graduates.

Our Industry Based Learning series is designed to allow students the opportunity to build knowledge and develop skills required for effective performance and a successful career.

Each of the students that have been brought in as part of the program have been keen to learn and make the most of their time with us. They are ready to put their hand up for opportunities that are available and have made solid contributions to the team.

I’ve been very happy with how quickly they adapted to a full-time professional role. They have taken ownership of the tasks they are assigned and achieve great results. I’ve also seen a maturity develop over their six months with us and an eagerness to complete their studies and make the move into full time roles."

  • "Our students have had a range of technical skills they have learnt in their study that they are able to use on the job. Their presence also creates mentoring opportunities for other members of my team, and in taking the time to explain how we work it helps us find ways to improve our processes."

    Paul Frawley , Digital Manager, Rail Projects Victoria

"By having the students in our team we have been able to increase our output of digital content, contributing to our overall goals of ensuring the public and stakeholders are well aware of our projects.

Overall the program creates an opportunity for students to develop effective skills and experience, and sets them up to enter the workforce at the completion of their study."

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