A graduate of Swinburne’s Bachelor of Information Technology, Liem’s first professional placement was at National Australia Bank working as a demand and supply analyst.

In early 2015, Liem then went on to do a second placement at Newcrest Mining, and has been working with the company ever since.

"I’ve been at Newcrest Mining for two years now and in that time we’ve hosted three rounds of professional placement students. When a placement student first joins us, they are usually quite reserved. After some time, you see their confidence build and they start to open up. The placement really helps them add to their skills so they are ready to hit the ground running once they graduate. It’s really great to see."

Liem Nguyen from Newcrest Mining

"I tend to provide the students with a project plus a range of smaller tasks, to help them diversify their skills and gain experience on both day-to-day tasks and larger projects.

One of our placement students had excellent programming skills, so we tasked them with developing a web application and integrating it with an existing system. Without the student’s work, we wouldn’t have had the capacity in-house to do the project."

  • "Without the work (of our placement student), we wouldn’t have had the capacity in-house to do the project."

    Liem Nguyen , IT Governance Analyst

"The end product was great and the student was able to get it all up and running with minimal supervision. He really owned the product and everybody loves the program he created — we’re all still using it.

I appreciate being a mentor for up-and-coming students within the company. When a student is stuck on a problem and I’m able to give insights from my own experience, and then see them having that 'lightbulb' moment when they succeed — it’s very rewarding."

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