Professional placements at The Royal Children's Hospital transcript

Aleasha, studying Biomedical Science at Swinburne

"I wanted to definitely work with children so I’m very fortunate to have gained this placement based at the Royal Children’s Hospital.

My role in this placement is to provide healthcare to the children that come in.

I see kids every day, and just knowing that I’ve made even the tiniest difference in their health is really good."

Dr Liam Welsh, PhD CRFS, Senior Respiratory Scientist, Respiratory Laboratory Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne

"The hospital has had a 30-year relationship with Swinburne’s Professional Placements. So it’s been an enormously successful program.

For our staff the benefits are many, so we are allowed to train these people up to give them hands-on experience. And the students allows us to provide a service to children more often."

Aleasha: It feels amazing to help people, it’s what I want to do in life and having this opportunity to do it is phenomenal.

Dr Liam Welsh: For the students to establish and maintain those relationships and build a rapport with the patients and their families is of enormous benefit to us but also to the students with us on Professional Placement.

Aleasha: It’s definitely a relief to get out of the classroom, you’re actually doing hands-on activities. You get to provide actual help to the community.

Dr Liam Welsh: The development of the student both personally and professionally throughout the year is really obvious and we see our students blossom throughout the year and it's something that we're enormously proud of.

Aleasha: I would definitely recommend for students to undertake a professional placement it's a great opportunity to get new skills have some experience before you finish uni and it's also great to have on a resume its amazing. An amazing experience.