Metro Trains testimonial transcript


NATHAN LORIENTE: Back in 2009, I did my professional placement. Since then, my career has grown in leaps and bounds, and now I'm a track production manager at Metro Trains Melbourne. So I'm in charge and inspecting, planning all these amazing tasks. And to be able to do that at such a young age, it's because I was able to do this program. I was able to learn specific things about the railway industry, which you would never get taught in university or school.

My experience being a previous professional placement student was amazing. It was great to have the opportunity to take a year off uni and work full time. It taught me a lot about the real world. It taught me a lot about business. We decided to take a student on a professional placement, because some of the best engineers have come from this Swinburne program.

FERGUS: I'm a student at Swinburne, and I'm studying civil engineering and finance. And I'm working at Metro Trains Melbourne. The reason I decided to do a professional placement was because I was curious to see what opportunities Swinburne could provide me. I'm very lucky. I love it here at Metro. I thought it would be the job for me, so I applied. Always been interested in mechanical systems, alongside civil engineering as a whole. From a very young age, I was quite obsessed with trains. It was a big, big passion of mine.

NATHAN LORIENTE: Fergus has brought several new ideas to the team. It's great to have a fresh set of eyes come in, especially someone who's so motivated and ambitious in his career.

FERGUS: I'm proud of a lot of things that I've done here at Metro Trains so far. I like the opportunities to go out on site, to really understand technical aspects of rail that I never would have understood otherwise, and just the fact that I'm exposed to new things every day. 

NATHAN LORIENTE: I'm really passionate about developing engineers in the railway industry. This professional placements program is providing the railways with a succession plan.

FERGUS: The things that you learn here, you'll extend yourself so much further. You've got nothing to lose.