Professional development for teachers

Run in collaboration with the Knox Innovation, Opportunity and Sustainability Centre (KIOSC), these workshops give primary school teachers confidence in the teaching of STEM. The workshops aim to:

  • empower teachers with knowledge
  • equip teachers with tools to deliver content
  • navigate the curriculum to discover how scientific concepts are built upon throughout all primary school year levels.

Upcoming workshops

  • Wednesday 28 February: Physics Across the Curriculum (cancelled due to low enrolment numbers)
  • Thursday 19 April: Chemistry Across the Curriculum
  • Friday 20 April: Coding in the Classroom

Workshop details

  • 9am – 3pm
  • $310 per participant per session
  • lunch and tea provided
  • tour of the Australian Synchrotron included
  • all sessions are subject to minimum numbers.

Professional development topics

Topics offered in our teacher professional development workshops.

Chemistry Across the Curriculum

Chemistry concepts underpin all other sciences and are key to understanding the world we live in. You will be shown where atoms and molecules fit into the science curriculum, and learn to deliver powerful science lessons across all levels. Examples of chemistry-based research at the Australian Synchrotron will be addressed.

This highly engaging and exciting workshop is an essential component of a successful school STEM program. 

Topics include:

  • properties of matter
  • states of matter
  • physical and chemical change
  • dry ice.

Coding In the Classroom

Students are consuming digital content at an alarming rate. But imagine empowering them with the tools to express themselves and produce their own content and artefacts in mathematics, science and other learning areas.
This is an opportunity for you to develop the confidence to embark on a coding journey with your own students by experiencing online and physical resources. You will be given permission to 'play' and extend on the concepts provided in the workshop.

Topics include: 

  • why, how, and what to code?
  • coding languages
  • skills and platforms.

Testimonials from participants

These sessions - Chemistry, Physics, and Coding need to be a part of every teachers' professional development! Whether for classroom or specialist science, these PDs are amazing and incredibly useful to enhance anyone's teaching regardless of experience or background knowledge - there is something for EVERYONE.

Participant testimonial

I learnt a lot and the simple experiments and explanations were excellent, giving me the confidence to teach these areas better.

Participant testimonial