Being a volunteer with the Australian Red Cross and a highly respected haematology specialist, Sumundu is enjoying incredible success since graduating from Swinburne.

Sumudu Hewaswasam is fascinated by the science of blood. She works in diagnostic pathology as a haematology specialist, a career that involves laboratory testing, analysis, diagnosis and reporting. Sumudu is respected among her peers for her knowledge, skills and work ethic and has worked for the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne.

Medical Laboratory Scientist (Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne) and Swinburne alumna, ‌Sumudu Hewawasam

Sumudu wants to use her skills to help those in need. She is a volunteer with the Australian Red Cross and hopes to eventually become a humanitarian aid worker. She says her Swinburne lecturers were always full of encouragement and ready to help, with one writing her a recommendation to assist in her job search.

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