Graduating with a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical & Electronic Engineering) in 2011, Jason has already made huge leaps in his career. He has key involvement in the first integrated hydrogen production plant and refuelling station in Southeast Asia.

Launched in May 2019, the facility produces hydrogen through an electro-chemical process called electrolysis. It also houses a refuelling station for Sarawak’s first hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles, aimed at achieving sustainable growth for Sarawak.

Swinburne alumnus and Electrical Engineer, Jason Yeo Kok Seng

‘I was tasked with the planning, management and conceptualisation of the facility. This included the monitoring of work schedule and progress, the provision of technical supervision to ensure design meets the requirements, and the installation and commissioning of the overall project,’ says Jason. 

Jason secured a job with Sarawak Energy straight after graduation and today he manages projects that involve the study of emerging technology and addressing technological safety concerns. Jason says much of his success in these projects is thanks to the education he received at Swinburne Sarawak. The technical know-how and soft skills that Jason gained at university has been refining over the years are still put to good use today.

  • "In addition to negotiation and problem-solving skills, project management and communication are very important. I learned this in group assignments where we had to put engineering methods and knowledge into practice. The skills I picked up at university are not only relevant to my career alone but generally in my life, too."

    Jason Yeo Kok Seng , Electrical Engineer, Sarawak Energy

Jason was actively involved with the Young Engineers Section of the Institution of Engineers Malaysia. He was Sarawak branch’s Vice-Chairman (2014-2015), Chairman (2015-2017), and Immediate Past Chairman (2017-2018). He continues to support students from his former high school in extra-curricular activities and competitions, something that holds a lot meaning to him. For the past two years, Jason has also been a member of the steering committee of the school’s old boys association where he hopes to instil an “alumni for life” culture and make a difference by putting together philanthropic activities. But it’s not all serious; Jason coached the marching band that went on to win the 2013 German Open championship!

Today, Jason is living the dream that he visualised when he was captivated by electronics in high school. He regards his current role in the integrated hydrogen production plant and refuelling station as one of his most significant achievements. However, he is not resting on his laurels as he hopes to be involved in even more challenging and exciting projects in the future.

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