The Swinburne Europe Alumni Network is for all graduates, students, and past and present staff living or working in Europe.  

The group is a great way to stay connected to Swinburne, wherever you are, and expand your network. Look forward to professional development and networking events planned by Local Champions in their respective countries. Local Champions can also be the point of contact for Swinburne alumni who are moving to their city or country; will coordinate local alumni events; and can also help to connect alumni to local opportunities.  

The Swinburne Europe Alumni Network can help you by: 

  •  Leveraging the network to progress your career 
  •  Getting together for professional development and networking events 
  •  Maintaining links to the campus and country where you studied 
  • Giving back by facilitating experiences for students such as placements; helping with research and career opportunities; or through philanthropy.

Want to connect?

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