Research and development

Swinburne's research and development objectives support the principles set out in our Charter of Cultural Diversity.

6. Enhance Swinburne's international research profile

a. Swinburne will strengthen and extend research policies, programs and strategies that take full advantage of our cultural diversity resources, expertise, skills and networks. This approach will support our commitment to developing a reputation for world-class research. In particular, it will enhance our capacity for innovative and mutually beneficial international research collaboration in a globalised world. 

b. Swinburne will, through our research plans and initiatives, develop research strategies, research training, supervision and assessment programs and practices that reflect and support our culturally diverse environment. They will recognise the benefits and advantages to research from such an environment. 

7. Establish Swinburne as a leading university in science, technology and innovation

a. By valuing and nurturing cultural diversity, and by developing our capacity for cross-cultural and transnational understanding and engagement, Swinburne will become a leading research university. We will be better placed to attract highly qualified research staff, post-doctoral fellows and PhD students to engage in cutting-edge research excellence in science, technology and innovation, where we have recognised strengths. This will enhance our ability to develop international partnerships conducive to innovative research and development in these fields. 

When our researchers come together across national borders, it demonstrates our commitment to learn from each other and the benefits of collaboration.

b. Our enhanced international research profile and capability, underpinned by an inclusive and progressive culturally diverse environment, is critical in establishing Swinburne as a world-class university in science, technology and innovation.

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