The University seeks to take an integrated approach to responding to disruptions, emergencies and serious incidents to ensure that:

  • disruptions, emergencies and serious incidents can be effectively dealt with
  • the impact on staff, students and the community is minimised
  • critical functions are maintained or restored in a timely manner
  • the University is able to continue to operate and recover.

Business continuity management is to be planned in a manner consistent with the University’s Risk Management Framework.

Table of roles and responsibilities (VC delegation)

Role/Decision/Action Responsibility* Conditions and limitations
Documenting an Emergency Management Plan. Chief Operations Officer
The EMP should cover: premises/facilities; ITS; data management; student administration; staff and student support services; and the allocation of critical function owners with responsibility for the implementation of continuity arrangements if the critical function is interrupted.

* (Staff holding, acting in or performing the responsible position or office).

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