We thrive on leading through educational excellence, business and research innovation, and creativity in solving real-world problems.


We expect honesty and the highest ethical standards in everything we do.


We are accountable to ourselves, each other and the communities we serve through transparency and evidence-based decision making.


We celebrate and respect the strength that difference creates.


We encourage collaboration that underpins success through mutual respect, open communication and the sharing of responsibility.


We foster positive social, educational and environmentally sustainable change.

Swinburne’s commitment  

Swinburne is a world-class university focused on creating impact. We are committed to transforming the future of education by giving students the knowledge, adaptability and experience they need to make a lasting impact on the workplaces of tomorrow. 

We create future-ready graduates by taking our students outside the conventional classroom and introducing them to new and different ways of learning and thinking. Their future readiness comes from hands-on experience, from industry leaders, from the world around us, and from one another. 

Our commitment to knowledge is driven by our research and focus on making a real-world impact, transforming our global and local communities. As a trusted and respected world-class leader in research excellence, we are determined to make a real difference to the communities we serve. 

We do all this by providing a space where ideas are nurtured and the brave and adventurous from local communities and around the world are supported to push boundaries and create the future, today. 

This is our commitment to our students: to those in higher education, those undertaking pathways and vocational education, and those who are just starting out or mastering their field. 

No matter who our students are or how they want to drive their future — we will help them fulfil their goals in a connected world. 

Swinburne stories

Over the decades we’ve had visionaries, trailblazers, connectors and challengers who embody these values and have made Swinburne the proud university it is today. 

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