Swinburne's values

One Swinburne

We work together, bringing our unique skills to achieve our common purpose and strategy. ​We draw on our rich and diverse experience and backgrounds to support our success.


We commit to taking bold strides - ‘moon shots’ - and are constantly innovating, disrupting, renewing and changing to create tomorrow’s technology and talent today.  


We strive to be the most industry-engaged university, to amplify our impact and support all students and be future-ready through our broader external engagement in Australia and globally.


We are trusted, and expected, to act and make decisions commensurate with our roles and skills, and to drive continuous improvement, to deliver our common goals.


We are accountable for our contributions to Swinburne’s success and sustainability, for the ways we work together, and for the outcomes that we deliver for students, partners and society. 

Swinburne’s commitment  

We choose to build Swinburne as the prototype of a new and different university – one that is truly of technology, of innovation and of entrepreneurship, and proud of it. A university that unwaveringly supports seamless education pathways between all forms of school and post-secondary education; tertiary or vocational.

Our commitment to knowledge is driven by our research and focus on making a real-world impact, transforming our global and local communities. As a trusted and respected world-class leader in research excellence, we are determined to make a real difference to the communities we serve.

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