30 years of people and technology working together to build a better world

At Swinburne, we challenge each other’s ideas, work and opinions – and make it better. We’re united by our differences. We converge on our similarities. Our worlds and lived experiences collide to improve lives.  

Here are stories from some of our innovators, creators, entrepreneurs and activists. While their stories and journeys might be wildly different, they have the same burning desire to bring people and technology together to build a better world.


Big-picture thinkers, limit-pushers and re-imaginers. Meet the Swinburne innovators who are a force for positive change in the world.


In the imagination era, creativity becomes an even more sought after skill. Meet our creatives who are opening hearts and minds – and who have designs on a brighter future.


Problem seekers, problem solvers and spark igniters. Meet the entrepreneurs who thrive in the face of uncertainty, obstacles and risks. 


The future of humanity depends on them. Meet our activists who are putting an end to outdated ideals, fighting for what’s fair and embracing new beginnings.