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    Business Information Systems

    Business systems aren’t just technology — it's people, networks, ideas and information. Bring them all together with a business information systems course.
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    Entrepreneurship and Innovation

    Business is changing. Innovation and entrepreneurship are more important than ever. Find out how you can get ahead with exciting entrepreneurship courses.

The Department of Business Technology and Entrepreneurship also offers courses in a range of exciting and growing fields including: 

We ensure our courses are taught with a focus on current trends and practices being seen across business and industry. This provides our graduates with a competitive advantage when they enter the workforce ⁠— and is why they have become so highly sought after. 

Professional recognition 

Our Business Information Systems degrees are accredited by the Australian Computer Society. 

Student affiliations and associations

The Swinburne ISACA Student Group (ISG) is an affiliated group of the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA). It is the leading international association for the promotion of information security, governance, control, and the assurance of information systems. Membership of ISG is free to students. The group run regular meetings with guest speakers, social gatherings and special events.

Our research 

Our research interests are diverse and reflect emerging trends and practices such as information technology project management, e-government, social impact, emerging technologies, organisational uses of social media, information management and governance, and entrepreneurship.

Our people

Name Position Contact Location
Associate Professor Rohan Bennett Associate Professor, Information Systems +61 3 9214 4991
Dr Mark Dale Industry Fellow +61 3 9214 5705
Dr Jerome Donovan Associate Professor, Entrepreneurship and Innovation +61 3 9214 8065
Bridgette Engeler Senior Lecturer, Entrepreneurship and Innovation +61 3 9214 6152
Dr Amir Eslami Andargoli Lecturer, Information Systems +61 3 9214 5238
Dr Rosemary Fisher Lecturer, Entrepreneurship and Innovation +61 3 9214 5479
Associate Professor Axel Korthaus Deputy Department Chair, Department of Business Technology and Entrepreneurship +61 3 9214 4711
Dr Richard Laferriere Lecturer, Entrepreneurship +61 3 9214 5874
Dr Viet Le Lecturer, Entrepreneurship +61 3 9214 8053
Dr Eryadi Masli Senior Lecturer, Entrepreneurship and Innovation +61 3 9214 4709
Stuart McLoughlin Lecturer, Information Systems +61 3 9214 3450
Dr Alireza Moayedikia Lecturer, Information Systems +61 3 9214 4568
Dr Aron Perenyi Senior Lecturer, International Entrepreneurship +61 3 9214 8078
Dr Adi Prananto Senior Lecturer, Information Systems +61 3 9214 5003
Dr Dimitrios Salampasis Lecturer, Entrepreneurship +61 3 9214 8204
Dr Jason Sargent Lecturer, Information Systems +61 3 9214 5287
Professor Helana Scheepers Professor, Information Systems +61 3 9214 5422
Dr Paul Scifleet Senior Lecturer, Information Systems +61 3 9214 5586
Dr Michael Shumanov Lecturer, Information Systems +61 3 9214 4515
Professor Mile Terziovski Chair, Department of Business Technology and Entrepreneurship +61 3 9214 8559
Dr Xuemei Tian Senior Lecturer, Information Systems +61 3 9214 4433
Robert Tipping Lecturer, Information Systems +61 3 9214 8417
Dr Chamindika Weerakoon Lecturer, Entrepreneurship and Innovation +61 3 9214 3503
Misita Anwar  Lecturer, Business Analytics and Information Systems misitaanwar@swin.edu.au BA1125
Name Contact
Siddha Arumugam sarumugam@swinburne.edu.au
Reet Kaur rkkaur@swinburne.edu.au
Vivien Li vli@swinburne.edu.au
Ruchi Sembey rsaraf@swinburne.edu.au

Latest news

    • Student News

    Swinburne helps deepen multi-disciplinary understanding

    Swinburne recently hosted nine Indonesian students as part of the prestigious Indonesian International Student Mobility Awards, Vocational Edition (IISMAVO).

    Thursday 07 December 2023
  • Oracle and Swinburne School of Business, Law, and Entrepreneurship staff celebrating the partnership’s launch at Swinburne's Hawthorn Campus. Eight people all stand together next to a whiteboard with a promotional image displayed
    • Business
    • Law
    • University

    Swinburne and Oracle partner to enhance student employability

    Swinburne and Oracle have partnered to provide students with valuable industry interactions.

    Tuesday 05 December 2023
  • Stuttgart, Germany - 07-03-2022: Smartphone with logo of communications company SingTel Optus Pty. Ltd. on screen in front of website. Focus on center-left of phone display.
    • Business

    The Optus chief was right to quit but real change is unlikely at the telco until bigger issues are fixed

    Optus chief executive Kelly Bayer Rosmarin bowed to the inevitable on Monday and resigned as chief executive of Australia’s second largest telecommunications company. Why inevitable? Poor communication and a lacklustre response during a major system outage is bad enough. Then things got worse when Bayer Rosmarin and the director of Optus networks admitted at a Senate hearing on Friday they had no disaster management plan for the kind of national outage experienced two weeks earlier.

    Monday 20 November 2023
  • Optus store front
    • Law
    • Business

    The Optus outage shows us the perils of having vital networks in private hands

    Optus chief executive Kelly Bayer Rosmarin is set to front a Senate inquiry this week, probing last week’s colossal outage which left millions stranded without internet or mobile phone connectivity for a staggering 14 hours. The company has faced severe critisism for its handling of the outage, including for its lack of urgency in updating the public.

    Wednesday 15 November 2023
  • Warsaw Poland - February 22, 2023: Smartphone with Twitter logo on the screen. Elon Musk on background
    • Business

    Why Elon Musk’s first week as Twitter owner has users flocking elsewhere

    It’s been a week since Elon Musk strode into the Twitter headquarters with a kitchen sink, signalling his official takeover of the company. Having had some time to let the news of his US$44 billion (about A$70 billion) purchase “sink in”, Twitter users are now wondering what he’ll do with the platform.

    Friday 04 November 2022

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