Centre for Urban Transitions

About us

The Centre for Urban Transitions uses innovative approaches and methods to identify, track and respond to mega-trends and broader societal influences that affect urban environments. We set new agendas and priorities for planning sustainable, low-carbon, equitable and healthy urban transitions.

We address three strategic research themes:

  • regenerating and de-carbonising cities
  • improving housing opportunities and spatial equity
  • enabling new ways of urban living.

The centre provides in-depth research on these themes and focuses on systems-based analytics for urban change, and the influence of urban policy, business and education on the socio-technical elements of urban environments.

We directly support the work of the new Swinburne Smart Cities Research Institute, which has a broader remit.

We also support the work of the Swinburne Institute for Social Innovation and the Iverson Health Innovation Research Institute.

The Centre for Urban Transitions was formed from one of the key flagship research areas of the former Swinburne Institute for Social Research (SISR), which lay the foundation of rigorous, critical analysis of current social issues that continues in our current programs of research.