Swinburne Institute
for Social Research

Digital society

Digital society focuses on digital transformations in Australian culture and society. The development of mobile and fixed-line broadband infrastructures, together with new digital services, media forms and applications, are changing the way Australians work and live. These transformations have profound implications for Australia’s economy, social inclusion, cultural policy, health and wellbeing. We work with industry partners to extend the Australian evidence base in this area and contribute to policy and debate. 

Our work spans:

  • research and action
  • Australia and the world
  • infrastructure and people
  • old media and new
  • pasts and futures.

Key issues

  • investigating media: researching the uses and possibilities of media
  • influencing media: participating actively in policy debates about regulation and public funding
  • inventing media: developing and operating innovative enterprises that commission, aggregate and distribute research and commentary about society, the economy, culture and politics.