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Issue One 2014 - Issue #20

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Life-saving auto injector reduces risk of mis-administering

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Two Swinburne Bachelor of Industrial Design graduates have won a grant to bring to market their auto-injector that reduces the risk of adrenalin being administered accidentally.

Alen Keirnan and Adrian Lim, founders of a start-up medical device firm called Design Positive Australia, were among five teams each awarded a $20,000 kick-starter grant and three months of mentoring to initiate commercialisation of their product. The grants were awarded in the Meditech’s Got Talent competition that supports young entrepreneurs.

Keirnan says that approximately 50 per cent of people who use an auto-injector will at some stage misuse it. “If someone has anaphylaxis then you need to act quickly. Some people may not be sure how to use an auto-injector and may hold it upside-down, accidentally injecting their thumb,” he says.

“There is the potential for death if the person who needs the adrenalin remains untreated.

“My research found a need for a better, intuitive auto-injector that reduced the risk of a carer or patient accidentally administering a life-saving dose of adrenaline to the thumb, rather than the intended location of the upper thigh.”

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