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Pre-Group Information for Group Therapy Programs

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There are a number of steps involved in joining one of the Psychology Clinic's group therapy programs, including completing an assessment to ensure that the program you are interested in is best suited to your individual needs. This process is outlined below.

How to Join a Group Therapy Program
  1. Register your interest in completing a group therapy program by contacting the Psychology Clinic by phone (03) 9214 5528 or email The Project Officer will ask for your name, contact details and answer any questions you have about the Psychology Clinic's group therapy services. You will then be placed on the assessment list for the program you are interested in and you may be mailed a pre-group questionnaire pack.

  2. A group facilitator will contact you to arrange for you to complete a pre-group assessment. Assessments offer you the opportunity to meet with one of the group's facilitators before commencing the program. Assessments allow the facilitators to ensure that the group is the most appropriate treatment to meet your individual needs. Assessments are required for all of the Psychology Clinic's group therapy programs, they typically run for 2 hours and they cost $25. If the assessment indicates that the group therapy program is not the most appropriate form of treatment for you, the facilitators will discuss this with you.

  3. After completing the assessment phase you may be offered a place in the group program you have been assessed. Payment for the program should be made at the first group session by cash or credit card. Installment payment options may be available upon request.
Common Questions About Group Therapy

What are the benefits of group therapy?

In the Psychology Clinic's group therapy programs people with similar feelings, thoughts and problems work together to develop new ways of managing psychological difficulties. Group members benefit from receiving support from others who share their experience and by being able to practice new skills within the context of the group. Over the course of a group, participants learn practical skills, gain insight into areas of difficulty and often experience a sense of acceptance and belonging within the group.

I have Social Anxiety and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder - can I complete the groups for both these disorders?

Some of the people who complete the Psychology Clinic's group programs meet criteria for two psychological disorders. This is called co-morbidity. Having a second psychological difficulty does not preclude a person from completing a group therapy program. A pre-group assessment will determine whether a group program will meet a person's needs, and if they are interested in completing two groups, the assessment will determine which they should complete first.

I have participated in the Social Anxiety Group previously and I would like to do some more work...what would you recommend?

After finishing a group program many people wish to continue counselling. One way to do this is through individual therapy, which the clinic provides at low cost. Some people may wish to repeat a group program and this can be discussed with the Clinic on an individual basis.

Do the groups run the same time each year?

We receive a high number of enquiries for each of the group therapy programs, however we can only run this groups on demand, if we have the right number of eligible participants.

Can I make enquiries on behalf of someone?

Yes, you may enquire on behalf of a client or relative but we are only able to contact them if they have directly given us permission to do so. We do not give out referral forms for the groups.

I was previously assessed as not eligible for a group therapy. Can I still apply in future?

Yes, you may re-apply if you think your situation has changed. A new assessment will be done to determine your eligibility.