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Perfectionism Group

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What is perfectionism?

Perfectionism can certainly have a positive impact on your life, helping you to set goals and motivating you to achieve your goals. However, perfectionism becomes unhelpful and unproductive when it involves the constant pursuit of self-imposed high standards, and judging one’s self-worth on the ability to meet these unreasonable benchmarks.

Perfectionists tend to be highly self-critical when they do not meet their standards, or will minimise their accomplishments and negatively compare themselves to others when they do achieve their goals. This way, perfectionists are more likely to suffer from depression or anxiety, and may demonstrate a variety of perfectionistic behaviours including checking, list making, organising, procrastination and difficulty making decisions.


The perfectionism group is a low-cost group program that caters for people who would like some strategies to better manage perfectionism in their everyday life.

The group is a structured program that uses cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness and relaxation strategies. The program aims to teach group members about the different types of perfectionism (positive and negative), symptoms and causes of perfectionism, including its behavioural, physiological and cognitive components. The program also focuses on each participant’s individual concerns and provides practical strategies to help participants have a more healthy relationship with perfectionism.

The perfectionism group is an eight-week program that runs for 90 minutes once a week. Participation in the program involves attending all sessions.

Follow-up individual counselling is available at any stage if required. This can also be arranged by contacting the Psychology Clinic’s Project Officer on 9214 5528 or email

The perfectionism program is facilitated by two provisional psychologists who are completing their postgraduate psychology education at Swinburne University of Technology. The group is overseen by Dr Claire Ahern, who is a Post-Doctoral researcher in psychology at Swinburne University.


Group members will be required to have an assessment interview to establish if the perfectionism group will appropriately meet your needs. This interview will take approximately two hours.


The group is run according to demand, and due to limited places waiting lists may apply. For more information on program dates, or to register your interest for an upcoming group please contact the Psychology Clinic at


The cost for the assessment interview is $25, and the cost for the perfectionism group program is $210 for eight sessions. This fee is payable prior to the commencement of the group and is non-refundable. There is no Medicare rebate available for this fee. If you are unable to pay the program fee in one lump sum please contact the Project Officer on 9214 5528 to discuss alternate arrangements.

How to apply

To register your interest in this program or to find out more information, please contact the Psychology Clinic at

When dates are finalised for the next group, you will be contacted by one of the student facilitators to organise the assessment interview.