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What Happens in a Counselling Session

Help is on the way: Support for individuals, couples and families in the community.

Counselling sessions are tailored to meet each client's needs, however, there are a number of similarities between sessions. An individual appointment with a counsellor is typically 50-60 minutes long and in all sessions your personal and health information is treated with professional confidentiality appropriate to the Code of Ethics of the Australian Psychological Society and the relevant Victorian Government legislation.

Typically a counsellor will conduct an assessment at the start of treatment and you will be given the opportunity to discuss how the problem you are currently facing started and how it developed. During this time the counsellor will also ask you about what you are currently doing in life and what you would like to achieve from seeking counselling. Between sessions you may be asked to complete "homework" to help develop understanding of the problem you are working on, monitor change and to try out new ways of doing things.