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Carers hoarding support group

Help is on the way: Support for individuals, couples and families in the community.

The Carers Hoarding Support Group has been developed to assist people who care for someone who experiences Hoarding Disorder. The program aims to provide information about the causes and treatment of Hoarding and to develop strategies to assist you with living with Hoarding.

The group is for the relatives and carers of people suffering from Hoarding and will provide information and support to people who care for individuals with hoarding disorder, as well as provide an opportunity to discuss the challenges that can come with supporting a person who hoards.


This is a free group program facilitated by registered and provisional psychologists with Dr Maja Nedeljkovic who oversees the Clinic’s Compulsive Hoarding and Acquiring Group (CHAG).

How to apply

To register your interest in this program or to find out more information, please call the Swinburne Psychology Clinic on 9214 5528 or email